SOLI'16 will be held together along with 2016 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety and 2016 IEEE Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Systems.
Service science, service operations, logistics, and informatics are becoming ever more complex and interdependent. They are playing an increasingly important role in today's world economy. Information and communications technology provides cyber-infrastructure and platforms to achieve more efficient and productive services operations. New types of service offerings are also emerging to meet the needs of customers and consumers.
 Areas of Interest

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

• Service Design, Engineering, Operations, and Innovations

• Logistics & Supply Chain Management

• Material Flow(MF)Science and Technology

• Service/Event Management & Manufacturing

• Information & Communications Technology and Systems

• Electronic Commerce & Knowledge Management

• Business Modeling, Monitoring & Management

• Service Delivery and Operations

• People in Services

• Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

• Mobile Internet, Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

• Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

• Big Data & Smart City

 Paper Submission

Complete manuscripts in PDF format must be electronically submitted for peer-review in IEEE standard format. Detailed submission instructions can be found through conference website.

 Important Dates

Full paper submission date: 1-May-2016    15-May-2016

Notification of acceptance date: 5-Jun-2016    15-Jun-2016

Final paper submission date: 15-Jun-2016    25-Jun-2016

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