Instruction for Final Paper submission

Please follow the following step-by-step instructions below to submit your final paper(s).
Step 1: Write your paper using the available templates at Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings.
Step 2: Create a pdf version of your paper.
Step 3:
 Click here to create an IEEE PDF eXpress account(will be available on April 15 2011). The conference ID is soli11x. Details on how to use the IEEE PDF eXpress can be accessed by the link “Using IEEE PDF eXpress” on the left panel of the same web page.
Step 4: Convert your manuscript(s) into (an) IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file(s), the final paper(s), using the IEEE PDF eXpress.
Step 5: Submit your final paper(s) by clicking paper title(s). You must submit the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file(s) which you receive in your email.
Step 6: Submit an electronic copyright form using IEEE eCopyright system through the final submission process for each paper to be published in the conference proceedings. Without copyright submission, your paper will not be included in the proceedings.